Appreciate the thoughtful response. I didn’t intend to criticize capitalism itself. If anything, school is very much an example of some of the things that can happen when a social institution attempts to deny the market altogether (authoritarianism, absence of individual freedom, black market economies, disinvestment of worker value and pride, and so on). You really don’t need to go to Cuba for examples of failed communism — just visit your nearest local high school.

However, it is worth noting the various ways that the profit model and capital accumulation also undermine our efforts to educate large groups of young people simultaneously. This was my main point.

(And my verdict on SBG is still out. Worked in 5 different schools in various stages of SBG adoption, and it is not at all easy to implement, perhaps impossible, to some degree because it’s a deliberate attempt to decouple the currency aspects of grades from their other intended purposes.)

just another frustrated teacher

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