I’ll not deny that I’m ranting, nor that I rely heavily on anecdote. However, if you want statistics, they are available in abundance. Just Google Baby Boomers. The link at the end of the rant, from Business Insider, is also fairly thorough, but in any event I suspect we’d just end up trading statistics from differing sources.

Now, have Boomers engaged in a conspiracy? I don’t think so; they’ve just acted with astonishing selfishness for decades. Are ALL Boomers guilty? Hardly, but as a group I think it’s fairly easy to assess the damage.

What may get lost in the ranty anecdotal nature of this essay is my primary concern: namely, how deeply unprepared we are for the aging of the Boomers. About as unprepared as we have been for everything else they’ve done.

just another frustrated teacher

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