Thanks. I wonder, though, if simply freezing funding is enough of a solution. It’s true that we spend a lot on education, but it also seems that the places which see the most spending under our current allocation systems also have some success. It’s the distribution of funding that is problematic, not necessarily the amount. I wouldn’t exactly argue that we spend double what we need to in having two systems serving the same client base; the truth is more that we end up not spending enough everywhere (except admin). Even if we move money from public schools to charters, we still end up doing almost exactly the same thing in the classroom, fundamentally.

The thing about teaching ‘the basics’ is that we DO teach them. When they are basic. Almost every kid leaves middle school with the ability to read and do basic math — those that don’t are not the product of what is going wrong in high school and above. (Having taught in public, private, and charter schools, I’m no opponent of school choice.) When people talk about ‘the basics’ at the high school level, they are really usually talking about either college-level readiness, or fundamental workplace skills and habits. Neither of these are well served in our current structure, but it’s neither funding nor privatization that will help. (If it did, we’d be seeing a lot better results already.)

just another frustrated teacher

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